Why Marc Jacobs Handbags Are So Popular

Marc Jacobs handbags are made with excellent quality, fine materials, and a flair of artistry which makes them stand out for all of the right reasons. As a result, celebrities and fashionistas alike seem to flock to this brand when in search of the latest “it” bag. Despite these qualities, the handbag industry is filled with stiff competition so the question still remains: Why are bags by Marc Jacobs always so popular?

Marc Jacobs Improves Your Personal Style

The latest trends in the world of fashion have proven that you cannot consider yourself to be style-savvy without a purse by this designer in your collection. Why? It’s simple. A purse by Marc Jacobs, although expensive, will make a quality and lasting impression. It shows the world that you are chic and on top of the current trends. Even if the bag you have is from a few seasons ago or more, this effect is timeless. For this reason, I implore you to ignore the price tag of an MJ original and instead view it as a worthy investment.

The Quilted Casey Tote is an excellent illustration of this point. This tote came out a few seasons ago and despite its cost, it still looks stunning and contemporary. Anyone carrying this bag would undoubtedly receive a few stares from admirers because it is a true showstopper. Purses that are classically beautiful and capable of withstanding time are a trademark of this designer. All you need is one of his pieces in your closet and your personal style status will automatically soar!

Marc Jacob Handbags: The Best You Could Ever Wish For!

Among the most famous designers is Marc Jacob. Marc Jacob is an amazing designer and has a superb line of fashion handbags. Marc Jacob got his degree from New York and got awards for the best creations and designs. People in the fashion industry prefer using products by him. The Marc Handbags are so cool and the designs are so unique and people love to carry one along. These handbags are among the best items in the Marc luxury collection. These bags are available all over the world and they have their outlets almost everywhere. These Marc Jacob handbags are very different from the usual bags and have a very chic look.

All these bags have a style which is very versatile with metallic details and buckles which are polished. Marc Jacob bags are so famous among women that many don’t even get a chance to buy because all the bags are sold in the blink of an eye. These bags are best to match with any outfit that you decide on wearing to any casual or formal function. These Marc bags are designed and created such that they can be carried along anywhere and women can even take these bags along everywhere. The range for colors is outstanding and very vast and it entertains all tastes that women have. These March Jacob handbags are available in a variety of styles like big bags to small purses and clutches. Some bags are made out of quilts and give a very funky look while some are made out of leather which gives a more sophisticated look. The colors are so subtle and soothing that women automatically get attracted towards them and end up buying one even when they don’t intend too.

Marc Jacob bags are although very expensive but they are worth the cost. They are made with fine quality fabric which is durable and doesn’t get damaged easily. These bags have zips which refrain things from falling out of the bag. These bags have the most amazing and hot designs which look so trendy and girls love to carry one along. Every woman should at least have one of these bags in their collection because these are the best that one can think of buying. These bags have the quality of looking just perfect with all types of outfits and change the overall appearance. For women who wish to remain in the spotlight always while in a party, they should definitely purchase a handbag by Marc Jacob. Some bags in their collection come in limited amount so one should keep an eye on the bags whenever they come in stores. To add a very subtle and sophisticated look to your overall appearance, you should definitely carry along a Marc Jacob handbag. These bags can be amazing presents for the women you love the most in life. If your friends or sisters are getting married and you are wondering what you should be buying then a simple answer is to buy a very nice Marc Jacob bag. Don’t waste time and buy the best bag now.

Why Marc Jacobs Handbags Stand Apart From All Others

In the world of fashion, which let’s face it, decides what is hip for the rest of the world, there are only two ways to dress. You can dress to the prevailing trend’s current whim, like famed celebrities, or dress to be one of those people whose style rises above the changing trends and is timeless.

Any other handbag might be the flavor of the month, or week, but a Marc Jacobs handbag is something that stands out from the mass of imitators and knockoffs. With its bold colors and striking styles, Marc Jacobs handbags are made for a woman who prides herself on distinction, by a man who has defined himself for his excellence in design and his eye for fashion forward style.

The Marc Behind Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs was born in New York City in 1963. Even as a young child his talent for design and his superb eye stood out. His father took note of young Marc’s abilities and encouraged him to develop them, enrolling him in New York’s High School of Art and Design. Marc moved from there to the world renowned Parson’s School of Design in 1981.

While at Parson’s he created his own distinct style, classy yet cutting-edge, and garnered many awards including Design Student of the Year and the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble. Marc also become the youngest artist to be awarded The Council of Fashion Designer’s of America’s (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent, the Nobel prize of the fashion industry.

More recently, in 1999, Marc was named CFDA’s Accessory Designer of the Year. We can be sure that in the future, more accolades will be granted him, and that he will continue to astonish us with his work.

Marc’s abilities garnered him the attention of industry insiders. He was granted a position at the celebrated Perry Ellis design house, and created a highly successful grunge style. Although this product was successful, Marc was kicked out because his work clashed with house’s image. Never daunted, Marc continued to create and gain supporters and fans, finally launching the highly sought after Marc by Marc Jacobs brand, which includes the prestigious Marc Jacobs handbags. Currently Marc is Louis Vuitton’s creative director.

Marc introduced his hallmark Marc Jacobs handbags collection in 2000. Even as the line swelled in popularity, Marc Jacobs handbags maintained Marc’s singular style and displayed a sophistication that never sways with changing trends. Marc Jacobs handbags are known for their fashion forward edginess, their defining grunge look startling and pleasing at the same time.

In 2002, Marc paired up with his friend Christy Turlington to design a yoga bag to benefit Cancer Care. But today there’s even more. Marc by Marc Jacobs boasts an entire line of signature accessories that are meant to accompany Marc Jacobs handbags. Marc’s distinct style and enlightened design certainly has not been fully exploited, so we’ll just have to wait and see what will come next.