Marc Jacobs – A Rising Star

There is market in the flush youth and high-end designer perfumes would readily attest to it. With so many premium designers aiming and designing scents that would appeal to the young people, Marc Jacobs perfumes are among the most popular and rising fragrances all around the world. Through the years, the brand has established itself as a perfume name men and women would love to wear. Call it passion, but this brands perfume users feel incomplete without wearing the scents.

Marc Jacobs is a New York born fashion designer who is more into contemporary designs. From his childhood years, he was considered a prodigy in his own right. The young Marc Jacobs was said to attain a mythical talent combined with unequivocal authority and success. Many fashion players refer to him as a legend, and indeed, he is.

The mark of Mr. Jacobs is one that is characterized by personal sensibility and passion. He started designing clothes in 1984 for the Sketchbook label of the Ruben Thomas Inc. In 1986, he founded his own small fashion house and in 1988 joined Perry Ellis as head of the women swear design unit. In 1997, he established his own boutique located in SoHo in the Big Apple (New York).

As a fashion designer, he has been known as one who would further accentuate the existing and earlier designs of those who came ahead of him. In doing so, he earned the reputation of being a unique designer of his own, with all his creative ideas freely flowing and manifesting in his every masterpiece. It is said that his greatest influence is Perry Ellis, and indeed, it is.

There has been an eventual progression for every clothing designed by him. Experts note that the designs Mr. Jacobs has been making are progression to the urban couture from the unconventional cool. Thus, as a legend, he has been considered an American style master immediately exuding a seamless transition that is at the same time truly marvelous.

Marc Jacobs, the fashion house, was not to be left behind when it comes to other fashion items developed and sold by the company. The fashion house created and launched its own lines of fragrances that later further established and strengthened the company’s foothold into the global fashion scene. Thus, years later, the firm has been known not only to clothe men and women but to also make them smell fascinating.

Some of the most distinctive fragrances from Marc Jacobs include Daisy, which is tagged a luxurious scent. Blush is sweet and romantic with a noticeable creamy fragrance, while Essence, the initial fragrance for women, was capturing the scent of natural gardens. Marc Jacobs Men combines the elegance of fig with the sensualities of musk and spices. ‘Splash’ has simpler and more pleasurable scents. On top of that, there is also a line of perfumes that also come in home scents to freshen the air in homes.