Reasons Why Women Love Marc Jacobs Watches

Women are typically more concerned than men when it comes to fashion. While there are always exceptions to this stereotype, it does seem that fashion designers cater more to the feminine whims and desires more often. Throughout history, this seems to have been the case, as the wildest fashions of many ages were directed towards women’s clothing and accessories. Could it be that women tend to have a better fashion sense than men, or does it go much deeper than that? Whatever the reason, fashion sense comes into play for accessories, such as watches and jewelry, as well as clothing and shoes.

Marc Jacobs Watches

So what does this have to do with Marc Jacobs watches? If you have been watching fashion trends lately, you know that these watches are the hot thing right now. Designed by a world renowned designer, Marc Jacobs watches are trendy, edgy and a bit retro, while still given attention to detail. People who wear them feel like a celebrity without the celebrity prices. But why are they so popular?


Many women love these because of the simple beauty of the watches. For example, the Citizen watch with diamond accents, and a silver and gold band is a big hit. Here are a couple reviews:

“This watch is brilliant in the light, the mother of pearl face really shines. I’ve only had it a short while, but I love it’s date function and diamond accented bezel. It’s a great dress watch.” (Macy’s reviews)

“dressy enough for work, but casual enough for weekends with my kids. I like the solar-powered eco-drive, as I’ll never have to replace the battery again while traveling.” (Macy’s reviews)


Women love these watches, because they are simple and elegant. The gold and silver bands compliment the simple face, making it another elegant jewelry piece. Here’s another example:

“This timepiece has a classic appeal to its white and gold combo. It doubles as a trendy designer watch and a work-appropriate clock at the same time. I’ve been getting a fair amount of compliments in the office probably due to frequent use. I can’t say it’s utterly luxurious at face value but mature enough for my age. I take it to simple dinners clean minimal aesthetic with just the right tinge of luxury.


While these watches are on the more expensive side, there is one thing that women have mentioned time and time again-for the money, it is a good buy. Ranging in price from around $175 up to a little over $500, these watches are a value. With the attention to detail and flair, one might expect to pay over $1,000 for them, yet they are priced to sell.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great gift for yourself or someone you love, consider Marc Jacobs watches. They may not be for everyone, but if you can afford one, it’s a gift that can please most women.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches – Stylish and Elegant

Marc by Marc Jacobs is the diffusion line of the popular brand Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is a popular American fashion designer, and has named his designer accessories line after his own name.

Marc by Marc Jacobs sells everything from apparels to accessories. The watches by the luxury brand have an edge over the other same-priced watches in terms of quality and style. Ever since the American fashion-house has been making timepieces, the watch-makers have ensured that the watches produced have fine detailing and are unique. Marc Jacobs watches surface the best of knowledge and craft. This is evident in every timepiece.

Marc Jacobs offers a gamut of styles, from classy to the funkiest watches; one can find everything under one roof. The luxury brand makes watches for both men and women in a plethora of colors, styles and designs.

Two interesting timepieces by the ticker company are the Guitar Watch and the Pendant Watch. The Guitar Watch is made from plastic and comes in cool and funky colors. This is the perfect piece for someone who loves music and also for hitting the night-club. People will get drawn to this watch because of its distinctive shape and style and you would be loaded with compliments. The Pendant Watch is a beautifully crafted watch dial that comes in various shapes and can be worn around the neck as a necklace. It is no less than a piece of jewelry. This timepiece is for the women.

Some of the models in the men’s range are Daryl, Sydney and Molly. The Daryl watch is unique. It has a tough and solid face with just a little hole that showcases the time. The model comes with a leather strap. The Sydney model comes with a face of the Sydney that tells the time. This watch is a must-buy for men who love the casual style in watches. The Molly watch comes in a number of styles. It is available in leather as well as gold/silver metal bracelet strap. This piece is perfect for office-wear.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watches are a little heavily priced. They add to a dead ensemble and live it up and add color to the monotonous office-wear. These are funky, classy, elegant and fashionable. A watch by the luxury brand is the best buy for all the people who love experimenting with fashion in the most stylish way.